Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Upcoming shows

W/ Jupiter Groove

April 27

Stranded Sailor Pub
Sanford, FL

June 16

Deland City Limits Taproom
Deland FL

June 28

W/ Angel Vivaldi
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL

August 11

W/ Travis Larson Band
The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL

August 12

W/ Travis Larson Band
Shanghai Nobbys
St. Augustine, FL

August 13

W/ Travis Larson Band
Details TBA
Jacksonville, FL

Sept 15

W/ Dave LaRue Band
Deland City Limits Taproom
Deland, FL

Nov 16

The Haven Lounge
Winter Park, FL

Nov 24

Shovelhead Lounge
Longwood, FL

Dec 8

Private Event
Orlando, FL

Monday, May 9, 2016

News and what not...

 Getting geared up to promote our album "Gears Of Progression" in a few upcoming shows. Happy to say that we will be joining our good friends in the Travis Larson Band for some dates in Florida...on board for some of the shows will be Dave LaRue and his incredible band. As for the album we recorded it about two yrs ago and we finally got around to giving it a go. Well actually it was a bit more complicated than that. But not much more...
To be honest we just had a pickle of a time getting the production end of it right. Finding a studio that had the time and more importantly, the right ears for our music proved to be a little harder than we anticipated. But our patience prevailed when Ralph came across Sean Shannon. A mighty fine audio engineer,producer,author, and one hell of a drummer. We met up with Sean at his Mix Monsterz Recording Studios in Apopka, FL at the tail end of the hurricane season. Within about 15 mins or so of Sean dialing in some eq settings after importing and converting our files we knew we had made the right choice. The rough mixes breathed with a vibrance and energy that had us tapping our fist and smiling like giddy 13 year olds at the beach in Panama City. Suffice it to say that we exhaled an exuberant collective sigh of relief.
A month later we had our master.
Art work began for the album as I pounded the keys and manipulated the mouse (having thrown my Wacom Tablet across my studio in a typical ADD moment) as I created the art for the second time since my former Mac was no more (all my previous work was on that and although I did backup religiously, I couldn't find the files on my BU drive). T
With the music mastered and the art now done it was now time to send everything off to the presses.
And wait.

What's another month, right?
Well, it's finally here. And we are very very happy with the results. all seems to sound and look better when it's in your hands. Maybe all just a bit..surreal? Is this the right context? Is that word ever used in the right context?
Oh..btw..I found the original art for the album...a week after we got the CDs in. Gonna use it on a t-shirt anyway....
So there it is. Not too big a deal..not too much drama. Our we happy? Proud? Excited? Well yes, of course we are.
But even with all the waiting and seemingly endless searches for the right was all rather..well...kind of effortless. No seriously. Not trying to make it sound as though we have this down pat or anything like that, but the recording took a total of 3 days with a follow up day for Dan to fine tune some guitar stuff. The bulk of the recording was done on day 2. We recorded 13-14 songs in one day. We didn't thing anything of it until our recording engineer Jeff Knauff told us that the average band usually knocks out maybe 1 or 2 tunes in a day. Thing is we have been playing these tunes live for some time now. We didn't write or rewrite anything in the studio. Next time around it may not be that simple ( but I get the feeling it will be).

The original, and formerly lost, cover art.


 Been a minute since my last post...
So what's going on?
Music...that's what. Doing a few shows with Jupiter Groove in the next few weeks. I am also having a Kahler Bass Trem installed on mt 6 string Ibanez SoundGear. Yup..Dan is kinda freaking out! I wanted a special tuning for this I got a hold of Tim Pfouts once again, over at S.I.T. Strings. They have been fulfilling my string needs for the last 4 years now and I am exceedingly happy. What I want for this particular 6 string was an extended range tuning. I wanted to tune up to a high "F". So my bass would be tuned as follows:
E (90)
A (70)
D (50)
G (30)
C (25)
F  (20)
I wanted super light gauge strings (my preference) and no low "B" string as the bass will have a trem system and the "flop" wouldn't be very musical. Besides, I'm no fan of the "B" string anyway! Once again Tim and his team delivered. They sent me a super light (.025) round wound "C" and I obtained a super light (.020) round wound "F" Snakeskins String from Conklin Guitars and Basses. Incidentally, Snakeskins Strings are also made by S.I.T. for Conklin exclusively. That made me super duper happy as I really wanted to stay with S.I.T. all the way.



 Spent 3 productive days in the studio with my band mates in Jupiter Groove last weekend. We were able to track 13 tunes in about 1 and 1/4 days! The rest of the time was dedicated to punches,overdubs,layering..etc. We recorded  the tracks in Gibsonton, FL. at The Parsonage Recording Studio with owner/producer Jeff Knauff at the helm. I got to use my new Sire V7 (which sounded AMAZING), my Dean Rhapsody 12 string,an Ibanez SR 506,and my Squire Vin Mod Jazz Bass Fretless. Dan brought an army of axes with him, including his trusty Parker Flys, an Ibanez 7 string, and a Rogue Electric Sitar. even an acoustic (a Martin, I believe) made it onto the tracks. Ralph dragged in his mighty Pearls..a massive set actually, to lay down the funkygressive grooves. We are now in the process of going through every track, one by one, getting levels, fine tuning, etc. Look for a Summer/Fall release!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An old fashioned book burning?



 I recently ordered the book "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" from an online book reseller. I was surprised to receive the 1st edition of the book (1983-1992) instead of the latter edition (1999 - present). I used to own a copy of the 1st edition which I had purchased in 1991.I lost my copy when  I left California in 1992 to move to the East Coast. I went on a search to buy the book again but could not find it anywhere...I later found out that the book had essentially been taken off the shelves due to legal actions brought upon by agents of the FBI against the author and Viking Press citing "slander".

 The book was out of circulation for almost a decade before anew edition,with additional material,was re-issued  Viking/Penguin Press. Originally,Viking had destroyed all warehouse copies that had not gone to retail outlets. For almost a decade, the book was held up in legal red tape as the courts sorted out the accusation brought forward by the FBI:

> After publication of the book, two plaintiffs filed libel suits against Viking Press. Bill Janklow, the former Republican governor of South Dakota, filed a $24 million lawsuit in South Dakota. He also sued three booksellers in South Dakota who had sold hardcover copies of the book. This case was watched because of its repressive aspects related to bookselling.

Janklow's suit was based upon one paragraph in the book which has statements by AIM leader Dennis Banks referring to rape allegations made against Janklow by Jacinta Eagle Deer, a young Brulé Lakota on the Rosebud Indian Reservation. Banks also noted Janklow's arrest for driving drunk and nude on the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota in 1973.[1]

Janklow filed a separate lawsuit against Newsweek magazine (Janklow v. Newsweek, 788 F2d 1300) for an article that contained the disputed passage.[1] In his complaint, referring to the statement by Banks about rape, Janklow "cited a 1975 letter from Philip W. Buchen, head of the Office of Counsel to the President of the United States, to the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, saying that three Federal investigations found the allegations against him 'simply unfounded'. The Senate committee was considering Mr. Janklow's nomination as a director of the Legal Services Corporation..."[1]

Viking Press filed a countersuit against Janklow in the Southern District of New York, which in part alleged that Janklow had interfered with the company's constitutional rights to publish and distribute the book.[1] A South Dakota circuit court ruled that the book was not defamatory and terminated Janklow's lawsuit in 1984. Upon Janklow's appeal of the ruling, the South Dakota State Supreme Court reinstated the case in 1985.

David Price, an FBI agent who was at the Wounded Knee incident, filed two identical lawsuits against Viking: one in South Dakota state court (Price v. Viking Press, Inc., Civ. No. 84-448) and an identical suit (Price v. Viking Press, Inc., 625 F. Supp. 641) in federal court, seeking $25 million in United States District Court for the District of South Dakota. The case was transferred to a federal court in Minnesota.

The lawyers representing both Matthiessen and Viking Press in the federal suit in Minnesota were noted First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus of Frankfurt, Garbus, Klein & Selz, New York City, with Barbara F.L. Penn, St. Paul, Minnesota.

In the Minnesota case, Federal District Court Judge Diana E. Murphy dismissed the Price suit. Her 33-page ruling noted: "Viking recognized that responsible publishing companies owe some duty to the public to undertake difficult but important works." Janklow's case in South Dakota was similarly dismissed. In both cases both the author and publisher were deemed to have been protected by the free speech clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. It was noted that Matthiessen's book was clearly one with an opinion.[2] <  From Wikipedia

 I am not entirely disappointed that I received a 1st edition of this book, I suppose it's a collector's item of sorts. I still am going to get the newest edition,as it contains additional material that I have great interest in.

 Class dismissed.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

New music,new shows

                    Lena Records Sampler One Release

 Radek has been laboring long and passionately on starting a new label focusing on ambient,electronic,progressive,experimental,
and all related genres and sub-genres. The label is Lena Records.
 Well that labor has paid off and I am happy to announce that the 1st release is now available as a free download for a limited time.
 Lena records Sampler One brings together 7 different artists representing a wide array of styles from ambient, fusion,prog,folk,dark-wave,spoken word,and experimental.

 Lena Records will be offering singles,eps,and full album releases by up and coming artists in it's first year. Radek and I completed a new tune by our project Ollin​ which will be released on a forthcoming album of brand new Ollin material. This will be our first  a full length album as a core duo in about 5 years. 
 I will also be recording new material for a solo album in the coming months to be released by Lena Records and produced by Radek himself.  

 Please visit the Official Lena Records Facebook Page and like us!  


               De Soto Luminary Walk Saturday Dec 19 2015

 I will be performing once again at the De Soto National Memorial in Bradenton, FL., for their annual luminary festival. The festival features music,food,period actors, and candle lit trails. The event starts @ 6:30 pm and runs till 8:30 pm. It is free to the public.

 And speaking of De Soto, I have been asked if I will be selling any of my music at this year's performance. The short answer is no...and yes.

 Although I do not have any physical CDs of my music at present time, I am offering digital releases of my music via my online Music Store hosted by Bandcamp. Of particular interest to those of you who have seen my solo Native American Flute performances at De Soto is the album "The Wind That Moves The Moss". It is an album containing two performances recorded live at De Soto in 2013 and also includes some studio compositions.

The album is now available for purchase along with other releases.

                                         OLLIN News 


        New Ollin track "Still" harkens back to early yrs.

 It's hard to believe that Ollin started 10 years ago! I just finished recording my parts for one of the tunes on our new album and let me tell you...I am excited! It really captures what Radek Kordasiewicz and I do best..create an emotive atmosphere in which the listener can really get caught up in. 

 We will be having a big "release party" of sorts planned via a cybercast interview where we will debut "Still" and play some old Ollin classics..and a few surprises as well...we'll fill ya in later.

 All new material,along with bonus tracks,will be available for purchase in the coming months. 

 Visit the new Official Ollin FaceBook Page and like us!


                                         Solo News

 And I will again be at the De Soto Annual Luninary Walk this coming Dec 19 in Bradenton FL. solo project is planned for 2016. A complete solo album,produced by Radek is in the works for the coming year.

 In the meantime, enjoy a few of my older tracks...

                                     Jupiter Groove

 And I will be with my band Jupiter Groove at the following dates...

Wed Nov 11th at The Haven

Sat Nov 14 at the Deland Original Music Fest. 
 *Venues and times TBA

                            Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar

A special reunion show at the Deland Original Music Festival 
Sat Nov 14
* Venue and time TBA

E.R.S.E. News 

And finally (again)...

 Some have commented that my E.R.S.E. recordings have broken links to Soundcloud. And you are correct. Soundcloud no longer hosts E.R.S.E. I have moved them to my Bandcamp page.
 To recap...
 E.R.S.E. are a collection of compositions created entirely by using a variety of field recordings which are then processed,manipulated,and mixed into tracks which are designed to evoke an emotional response by the listener.There are no musical instruments used in the 1st of these recordings although the compositions do take on a musical quality at times.The recordings are ambient in nature and can be dark and eerie at times.
The series will boast at least 10 releases which will vary from tracks composed entirely from field recording and tracks that will feature bass,Chapman Stick,and flute that have been heavily processed. the volumes will progressively become more abstract and at the same time retain a musical quality.
Voices of Spring (Floating Mix) from Tension and Release:Volume One may be streamed below. You can purchase more of my music by visiting my Bandcamp page.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The latest

 My band, Jupiter Groove, will be playing playing a late show at The West End Trading Co in Sanford FL on Sat June 13.

 We'll be at Will's Pub in Orlando FL with the Dave LaRue Band. We're really excited about this show! And we may be adding a second show in Tampa....still working on it.

 Camden Cruz, guitarist for the power metal band Seven Kingdoms, has asked us to play at this year's Deland Rock and Metal Festival in Nov.

 A hearty thank you to the good folks at S.I.T. Strings for a wonderful box of custom gauge strings for my basses. Love the sound and feel..and they do simply stay in tune no matter what!

 Also wanna thank Matt and Christine at STRATosphere Parts for the wonderful '75 reissue Jazz Bass neck for my ailing MIM Jazz Bass which developed a non repairable crack at the necks skunk stripe. I took my bass in to Bill at Guitar Factory for a once over and to check on the neck's fitment.No problems at plays and feels great. Most importantly, it intones perfectly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I'm In Tune!

 Juan has been working on custom gauge strings with the wonderful folks at S.I.T. Strings and WB Gear. As a result, he has been enjoying his custom gauge Power Steel Bass strings on his Dean Rhapsody 12 string bass and is working on custom sets for his 4, 5, and 6 string basses as well.

 You can read a review of Juan's "Blistering Harmonics and Plenty of Punch" 12 string bass set at The 12 String Bass Website.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Store Front Coming Soon

 I have been in the process of uploading my complete catalog to a new host where I will be selling my music. And as such I will be taking down other storefronts in the process (Soundclick, Bandpage, Reverbnation). There is nothing wrong with the other storefronts as each offers the artist and fan their own unique selling and buying experience, but Bandcamp seems to offer the best of all the rest and seamless integration
with Paypal and major credit cards.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Nucleus of Passion:Remembering Jaco

 For those of you who know me personally (or musically) it is no secret that I am a great admirer of Jaco Pastorius. Recently, well,for the past 5 years actually, Metallica's Robert Trujillo has been working on a documentary about Jaco's life and music. The project is being funded by Trujillo himself and admirer's of Jaco via PledgeMusic. As of this writing the goal has been met.
 Though my musical roots are heavily influenced by the punk and metal scenes of the 70's and 80's,and being inspired to pick up the bass after watching John Entwistle's amazing prowess on The Who film "The Kids Are Alright", it was after listening to Jaco's album "Three Views of a Secret" that I was completely and utterly blown away by the possibility of the bass as a truly multifaceted instrument. Upon hearing Jaco's rendition of The Beatles' "Blackbird" I was struck with the severe revelation that left me (and my muse) in awestruck admiration for this new found gem.

 In 1984,while burning up copies of Metallica's Ride The Lightning,Black Flag's Slip It In,and Dead Kennedys' In God We Trust, I stumbled upon an article in Guitar Player Magazine written by Bill Milkowski (that same article was later reprinted in the pages of the book "Bass Heroes" GPI Books,Miller Freeman Inc. ISBN0-87930-274-7). The article was about Jaco..whom I had heard of but never actually heard (or so I thought) and I was intrigued by the self proclaimed "World's Greatest Bass Player".

 "Holy shit! This is the guy from Weather Report?" (this is long before the internet and Wikipedia folks). I knew I had to pay more attention to this guy. That's when I decided to delve into his music..and it consumed me. The fact that Jaco refereed to his own music as "Punk Jazz"...well,that sealed the deal.

 Yes...I ripped the frets out of my Hondo P-Bass copy (damn thing had a tremelo!). I did this ala Jaco...with a pair of pliers while sitting in a Bible study group in a small, agricultural, So Cal town called Blythe. It could have been Siberia for all we knew. Any news,especially that of a musical bent,was retrieved from basic,very basic,cable and the local radio station (where I worked after graduating high school). So any musical info came from magazine subscriptions and word of mouth from the scant handful of musicians. Blythe was no cultural hub folks. Needless to say that finding Jaco was a super nova of auditory input.

 Jaco's music impassioned me to be a better bassist,artist,musician. It did so in such a secretive way,though. I found myself assimilating his attitude,albeit subconsciously at first. I remember wanting to play like Billy Sheehan, John Entwistle, Geddy Lee, and Hendrix, and I now found myself infused with a new found passion to my playing. I wanted to contribute to the overall experience of the music I was involved in whether it was metal, punk,gospel,blues,prog,or whatever And this new found passion came from listening to Jaco. It was as if I was starting anew. Granted, I had only been playing bass for about 3-4 years at the time,but I felt like I needed to re-evaluate what the bass was...and could be.

 I had been listening to metal and punk..and my mother had classical and big band playing all the time in the house, dad had traditional Mexican ranchera music from the heavy weights like Vicente Fernandes, Antonio Aguilar, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, as well as  Los Tigres Del Norte, so I had a variety of music around me to infuse into my id. But over the next year my musical taste expanded to include jazz in all it's forms. Fusion became a comfortable home for me..with it's rock attitude and virtuoso me the best of rock and jazz had hit me straight in the face..and at the front of this new found passion was Jaco. Yes..I know Jaco was more than "fusion", but in a sense he redefined fusion to me. Truly not limited by his instrument or any genre he mastered..Jaco could walk down Saks 5th Ave and any ole' chittlin circuit back alley without skipping a beat and that's what fusion means to me. Thank you Jaco.

 So..on about 30 yrs + and I am in a progressive improgroovinstrumetal trio, to be exact, and Jaco's music is still a big part of what drives me to create interesting and melodic bass lines with true consideration to the overall composition. I frequently play a fretless Jazz. A sunburst Vin Modified Fretless, no pickguard, and a laser etched image of Jaco on the neckplate. For luck,of course.

 In 2014 I won the Songwriters Showcase of America's Musician of the Year. It's an honor that blew my mind...and frankly, I just don't get it folks! I am truly honored but I have yet to feel satisfied with my playing and continuously strive to be better.However I would like to think...actually I know, that Jaco's music,artistry,and passion is what lead me to places I never imagined as an artist. Without Jaco I wouldn't still be at this in the way I am. Jaco has been opening doors for me like he has for so many bassists over the years.

I don't know who said it..but they said it well...

 “Jaco opened the door, and we walked through.”

 Thank you Jaco..for your music, your passion,and for opening the door.
And thank you Robert Trujillo for realizing a dream for Jaco fans the world over.
                                       Eres el hombre mas chingon ese!!!!!

 Juan R. Leõn Vasquez
 Feb 2015

Jaco The Film
Jaco Pastorius  
Jaco:"The World's Greatest Bass Player" Biography by Bill Milkowski
Robert Trujillo
Guitar Player Magazine


Thursday, September 18, 2014

                                       Upcoming shows

With Jupiter Groove:  


 Sat Feb 7 2015 The Bank & Blues Club
Daytona FL

Sat Feb 14 Osceola County Fair
Kissimmee FL
Sun Feb 15 Osceola County Fair
Kissimmee FL
Mon Feb 16 Osceola County Fair
Kissimmee FL

Sat March 14 The Haven Lounge
Winter Park FL 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Music,Music,I hear....

Lot's of goings ons already in Jan/Feb....

Excited to be part of some very cool music fests in the Central Florida area. The ever awesome Delandapalooza kicks off again in April.The Daytona Main Street Festival will be an incredible day Jupiter Groove has 2 sets that eve! We are also doing some shows in Back Booth supporting our good friends in Aergia,an eve with at Bombshell's,and head on over to Cocoa beach to the Originals Pub as we support Nilifi and Stone Clover..check the calender for exact times.
 The big festival that Jupiter Groove is really excited about is Progressive Nation At Sea 2014. A 5 day cruise featuring some incredible prog rock acts...

Get a load of this...

A musical journey like nothing you’ve experienced before is happening February 2014. We’re talking about Progressive Nation at Sea, an infusion of music and technique that will heighten your senses in a way no other vacation ever could! Imagine a couple thousand prog enthusiasts surrounding you on the Norwegian Pearl as we set sail from Miami to Great Stirrup Cay and Freeport February 18-22, 2014.


Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian
Jon Anderson   
Adrian Belew's Power Trio
Devin Townsend Project   
King's X
Spock's Beard    
The Flower Kings
Pain of Salvation   
Animals As Leaders   
The Safety Fire
Tony Harnell & Bumblefoot
The Dear Hunter
Anneke van Giersbergen
Mark Mikel 
Next To None 
Bad Salad
Felix Martin  
An Endless Sporadic
Cinema Novo
Glass Mind
Jupiter Groove
Lucid Fly
No Reflection
Persona Grata
The Shroud of Gaia
Thank You Scientist
Zombie Frogs

 Yeah...we are so excited to have been picked by Mike Portnoy himself to participate in this incredible musical event!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ollin releases "Up and Away"

Stream the album in its entirety right here! And make sure you visit the Ollin Bandcamp site for more music.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Ollin music...

The upcoming single by Ollin, "Up and Away", will be released later this month followed by a full album by the same name. 
 The darkwave/ambient/progressive band was founded by Radek Kordasiewicz (synths,compositions) and Juan (Stick,bass,flutes) and has become a revolving door of talent for various musicians from around the globe.
 Radek Kordasiewicz is currently working hard at final mixes and album art. The exact dates will be anounced very soon so keep watching this page!
 In the meantime please visit Radek's BandCamp page (for full album streams and free singles of his solo work) and the Ollin BandCamp page for past works.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Stickistas i-Tunes LP is released!!!

 My band, Stickcentric, is part of a amazing new Stick album produced by Guillermo Cides.The album is a compilation of Stick music from Hispanic/Latin/Chicano Stickists from around the world. This 40 song i-Tunes LP is available now via the Stickistas site. 

You will need Apple i-Tunes to listen to and experience the enhanced features available in the iTunes LP format

 Although the song "I Don't Know What Happened" is listed under the artist as Juan Leõn on the LP, it is a collaborative effort by StickCentric recorded over a year ago by Jeremy Birdsall (12 string Grand Stick), Reed Hayes (drums,percussion),and myself (10 String Stick). The version found on this compilation has never been released and was edited by Guillermo and originally mixed by Jeff Knauff at The Parsonage Studios in Gibsonton,FL.

 The album is available for a limited time and is 100% free although a donation to help benefit Amnesty International and Caritas Internacional is greatly appreciated and an option to donate will be available when you visit the download page.


Graphic not linking? Then...

Monday, June 17, 2013

New music underway..

 I have spent the weekend recording some new music with Latin musician Renaldo Ñeco Peña. With 8 hours of tracking behind us,Ñeco's new single "Wonder" looks to be an awesome track. Featuring catchy English/Spanish hooks,a reggaeesque beat with a Latin flare,and tight percussion that will get you moving,the tune is new musical ground for Ñeco,whom usually works in the pop-rock genre. O guitar was Richard Rosario..a long time collaborator of Ñeco,and on drums and latin percussion is Levi Soto. I provided bass and backing vocals. Release dates wil be announced keep an eye out and an ear open!

  Also just received updated tracks for Ollin's upcoming release "Up and Away" which will be out very soon. The new track features founding Ollin member Radek Kordasiewicz on synths,composition,and production,Reed Hayes on drums,Bill Forth on guitar,and myself on ambient 6 string bass soundscapes.
 It's an amazing track which combines the best of the Ollin sound throughout it's history as a project that has progressed and evolved into one of the most exciting musical endeavors that I have been involved with.Ambient,dark,progressive,and ever experimental,Ollin is a project started by Radek and myself in 2005 as an offshoot of MusicWordArt. Here's more about Ollin taken from our Soundcloud page..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  The History of Ollin begins in late 2005 when Radek Kordasiewicz (Poland) and Juan R Leon (United States) started a file-sharing collaboration. Aiming to explore ambient and progressive rock, the band soon released its first track online, entitled Ocean Wave. In the meantime, Juan came up with an idea for the name of the project: Ollin means "movement" in Aztec.

After releasing The Ocean Wave, the pair went on to record their first full-length album titled Never Forget and released on March 23, 2007 with the guest appereance of saxophonist, Janusz Kruszelnicki (Poland).

Shortly after the release of Never Forget Radek started to write down ideas for Ollin's second album, The Opium Trail. The initial demo recordings were made in summer 2007 with Juan's work expected to follow in the winter of 2007/08. Before any new file sharing or recordings were made, Juan decided to resign from Ollin due to both personal and artistic reasons. After that a new line-up was formed. Reed Hayes (United States), a drummer and long-time friend and collaborator of Juan, replaced the former American member. The plan was also to include spoken word for The Opium Trail and Troy Southgate, a vocalist from England who was already active with H.E.R.R. and Seelenlicht, took on the role. Later on the process the band was joined by Bill Forth, known for his latest solo work. The album was released on March 22, 2010.                                                     
 Juan once again rejoins Ollin for their third full lengthsalbum,titled Up And Away, which is scheduled for a mid 2013 release. It will contain previously unreleased and rare recordings as well as a new, title track featuring Radek,Reed,Bill,and Juan.

 Watch this blog for release dates!!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Modding my Jazz Bass

 Over the weekend I did a mod of one of my Jazz Basses. I installed the Audere Audio Pro JZ3 preamp. This is an incredibly versatile preamp that comes prewired onto a Jazz Bass control plate,complete with control knobs and all parts necessary to do the instal. It's a solder-less setup which uses blocks for a quick and easy change over. No soldering gun is needed at all. In fact Audere even includes wire crimps and heat tubing for the ground wire. They even throw in the battery.

 The Pro JZ3 features a super sensitive  4 band eq and a programable 3 way Z Mode switch. The Z Mode reconfigures the preamp,changing the load applied to the pickups. In other words each position of the 3 way switch affects the pickups tonality and voicing. Throw the 4 band EQ on top of that and you have a very expansive sound pallet to work with. That's not all either.The Z-Mode switch on the newly redesigned Pro series is programmable using an included button harness which temporarily attaches to a two pin jack on the units well dressed PCB. The programming instructions are straight forward and easy. Each pickup can now be voiced according to the player's needs and pickup construction (ceramic,alnico). You get that high end sound while still retaining the passive sound..but punchier,meatier,brighter.

 And did I mention the cool blue LED that lets you know how much battery life is left? also does a great job of letting you know when you have programmed the Z Mode with the desired program mod.
 I have 2 other basses with the original JZ3 units on them and they sound amazing. The new Pro series really ups the ante with it's programmable options and 4 band EQ. I am amazed at how well constructed the unit is.Clean with no weak points or cheap parts.The pots are solid,noiseless,and actually work well with a truly noticeable frequency sweep.The Z Mode switch is well placed and usable.
 The total time it took me to instal the JZ3 was about 25 mins..and that included programming the Z Mode switch. No soldering,no schematics,no B.S.
 If you are in the mind of adding some beef to your Jazz Bass or any other bass,for that matter (they offer a pre-wired harness unit for wood top Jazz Basses or non Jazz Basses too), then do yourself a favor and check out the JZ-3 by Audere Audio.At a mere $149.00 (US dollars) you will be hard pressed to find a better pre-amp at any price point.

Audere Audio

Friday, June 7, 2013

Going in the studio very soon with Renaldo Ñeco Peña to record his next single!
The new Ollin single will be out very soon!
And the StickCentric single "I Don't Know What Happened" will be up on i-Tunes very soon as part of the 2nd Stickistas Compilation.
A few gigs with Jupiter Groove coming up..check my calendar in the side bar.
That's all....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Groovin,'jazzin',and more...

 Had an excellent time at the 2nd annual Delandapalooza Music Fest in Deland,FL. this past Sat, April 13th. Jupiter Groove hit the Main Stage at Davinci's Cafe to a very responsive and kind crowd.The sound was great and the music was tight.Sometimes you just get one of those shows where everything is on target,the room disappears,and the music takes over.
 This coming Sat,April 20th I will be performing with Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar at beautiful Lake Eola in downtown Orlando.It's the Annual earth Day Celebration and the park will be abuzz with music,art,food,and activities for everyone. Our set starts at 12 noon....get there early and bring some lawn chairs.
 Jupiter Groove will be hitting the stage at Holly And Dolly's next Fri,April 26th in Casselberry,Florida.Show starts at 8..get there early!!!
 And once again I will be performing with Lindy at the 2nd Annual Indian River Jazz Festival in Titusville,FL on Sat,April 27th. An all day event starting at 12 noon and featuring 8 national and local jazz acts! Tix are $15.00 per person or $50.00 per couple,and that will get you your own table and a bottle of wine!
 Hope to see you all there!

Friday, March 29, 2013

ERSE Project

 I have been asked by a friend of mine to provide some sound tracks for a project he is heading up involving a haunted theme attraction.Without divulging important key info,let's say that this project will involve fully immersing people in a visual,sensual,and aural environment.
 To that end I have been asked to create an aural soundtrack that strays away from the traditional (and pointless) haunted sound effect tracks that are currently available. Most so called "haunted house effects recordings" involve silly music ala 1950's sci-fi and Tales from the Crypt style compositions along with the obligatory bat squeaks,screams,groans, creepy laughter,creaky doors,etc. What my friend and I are striving for is a soundtrack (for lack of a better term) that invokes a feeling from those who hear it along with the experience of the visual and textile experience of the "show". We talked about sounds that "hit a nerve" and frequencies that put people on edge. The opposite of being at a spa!
 The 1st of these ERSE recordings involved using the sound of high tension springs being processed,layered,and mixed to a point of achieving an other worldly quality that sends chills up the listener's spine. When my friend 1st heard it he face lit up proclaiming "This is EXACTLY what I am talking about!".
Guess he liked it!
The 2nd ERSE became even more involved with sound files from several sources such as field recordings,music boxes,ambient nature and city sounds,and an onslaught of digital effects,equalization,reverse implementation,detuning..etc.
 His jaw dropped.
I am into my 3rd ERSE composition and am having a blast.
I will not be posting any of the files that I create for my friend, but will be creating some for my own use to share right here. Be warned...although they do have a musical quality that skirts an ambient type of ethereal feeling,these are not "songs" per sé, but rather Emotional Response Sound Experiments.
 Stay tuned....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Stick®,or more accurately, Stickista®,News

 I have been invited to participate in this years Stickista album being compiled and produced by master Stickista Guillermos Cides.
 Argentine born Guillermo is founder of the Stick Center of Spain.A Stick Enterprises Inc. authorized endeavor launched in 1995 to help promote Stickists from Spanish speaking nations and their music.
 The 1st Stickistsas Compilation Album featured 22 artists from Spanish speaking countries playing a variety of styles and Sticks® (10 string,12 Grand,Stick® Bass).The album featured a composition by Cides and the inventor of the Stick® himself Emmett Chapman.
 This time around Cides is assembling no less than 40 (yes..that's 40) Stickistas from around the globe to participate in the second compilation installment. The album will be released on i-Tunes in its popular LP i-Tunes format complete with art,music links,images,and artists profiles.
 Proceeds,via i-Tunes and as an option click,will benefit the Caritas International.
 I have submitted 2 of my own compositions along with a tune written and recorded with fellow Stickist Jeremy Birdsall and drummer Reed Hayes collectively known as StickCentric. Which song ends up on the compilation is entirely up to Mr. Cides.
 Stay tuned for more info as this exciting project comes to fruition.

Friday, February 8, 2013

New adventures in music....

 My good friend and fellow band mate Lindy Romez has invited Ralph Gray and myself to sit in with yoga instructor/guitarist Steve Ross at Guruv Yoga of Orlando for an eve of kirtan music. 
 This is new musical territory for me...completely improvised yet thematic music..come on out and experience the flow!