Monday, January 12, 2009

New OLAFest show dates!

Hello folks!

Below is a revised schedule of upcoming gigs.The main change is the OLAFest dates which were previously erroneous. Also,we, Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar, have been asked to open the OLAFest this year so we will be playing twice at the fest! I will post the date and time for the festival's opening day show in the very near future. I apologize for the error in the dates but with city wide festivals the availabilty of venues may change at the last minute.So,as a courtesy I have to inform you that dates/venues may yet change again.Sorry for the inconvenience!

Jan 24 Central Station Bar in Orlando

I will be performing in between the Mechanical Mayhem and Jupiter Groove sets and also joining Jupiter Groove for a tune.

Feb 15 and opening day ceremony (TBA) OLAFEST in Orlando

Perfroming with Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar.We are still awaiting exact times and venue for this event.
Also pending is a performance with Blitz Water for the same day/event.As soon as I know,you'll know!

Hope you can make it!

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