Monday, March 22, 2010

New music from an old friend..

Some of you may recall my work with multi media/musician Radek Kordasiewicz. Radek and I formed an ambient experimental project about 4 yrs ago called Ollin. Our music was created and shared via the internet...a truly international and cybernetic union.We released a single "Ocean Wave",an EP ("La Mort en ce Jardin" no longer available), and a full album of extremely experimental music utilizing synths,guitar,bass,Chapman Stick,saxophone,percussion,and vocal sounds entitled "Never Forget" which added the talents of Marco Rodi (bass) and Janusz Kruszelnicki (saxophone).
after the release of "Never Forget",Radek commenced work on the next Ollin project.At that time,my musical endeavors began to escalate here stateside with Quasitone,Lindy & Sol Y Mar,and my solo projects.As a result, I withdrew my collaborations with Radek on a high note. radek forged ahead enlisting the talenst of US drummer Reed Hayes (former bandmate of mine in Quasitone),guitarist Bill forth,vocalist Troy South Gate,and guest guitarist Sean Gahnam. The result is the new full length Ollin album, "The Opium Trail".
Ollin releases all of it's music via the internet,free of charge,resplendent with spectacular artwork and top notch audio fidelity
Here are the links to Ollin's latest masterpiece:

Download the whole directory in one zip file:

The Opium Trail

And the link to other download options, such as downloading separate files,artwork, etc:

The Opium Trail Extra Files

I hope you enjoy this remarkable album! Radek continues to explore avenues of Elctrorganic music and in doing so has retained the spirit of Ollin...of self expression through sound and visual textures.


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