Sunday, December 18, 2011


I would like to thank all of you who came out to the 3rd Annual De Soto National Memorial Luminary Walk last night in Bradenton,FL. The event was a succes as a gathering of visitors (2000+,approx) strolled the candle lit pathways of the park.There was food,historical re-enactors,and music.
I was able to record my entire performance and will be sifting through almost 3 hours of files. As soon as I get them cleaned up,I will post them here.
Thank you to Head Park Rangers Scott Pardue and all of his amazing rangers for all their hard work and efforts. A special thank you to Jorge and Ben who were on top of things,making sure the audio and staging was just right.
In it's 3rd year,The De Soto Luminary Walk is getting better and better. Form 2009's event which featured 1 musician (myself) to this year's roster which included a guitar quartet,a solo violinist,and a small string orchestra,it is evident that Scott and his team are passionate about community outreach and educating visitors with Florida's rich history.
Please plan a visit to this wonderful state park.De Soto National Memorial
features events throughout the year featuring historical walks,music performances,re-enactments,kayak tours,and a vast array of activities for both young and old.

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