Saturday, May 19, 2012

Praise for local luthiers...

 I am picky. Picky about my food,coffee,hot sauces,etc. I am extremely picky about the setups on my basses. I love medium light to medium gauges on all my basses with low action and low tension.Love the feel of a Jazz Bass neck and the super smooth and comfortable feel of an Ibanez Soundgear. So when I need my basses setup just right,there is only one place I trust and that's the Guitar Factory in Orlando.
 Doug Montgomery and Bill Fells,along with their expert team, are truly knowledgable and passionate about building stringed instruments and properly maintaining and repairing them. They have been doing it for quite a long time (over 45 years of combined experience) and it shows. They have built and repaired guitars for the likes of Rick Neilson,Jimmy Buffett,Kirk Hammett,Chris De Burgh,Steve Morse,Rick Derringer,Bill Wharton...the list is extensive.
 The small, un-assuming storefront located at 2816 Edgewater Drive in Orlando's College Park area is a far cry from the super mega music stores that serve budding musicians ala Wallmart style. But what lies behind the sticker adorned door is a shop buzzing with activity.


During the week one can hear the distinct sound of wood working tools whizzing away as Doug crafts one of his famous Orange Blossom Acoustics or one of his beautiful Honey Bell Custom Ukeleles (he says chicks dig them!). 

Their innovative and unique EA (Electric/Acoustic) Models have garnered them rave reviews in Guitar Player magazine and among some of the music industry's top players. 

Their custom basses are equally as notable and any configuration is possible.How about a nice 7 string neck through? They can build

 I have had my SR506 and my 5 string Jazz Bass worked on by both Doug and Bill...having the action set up just like I love...low and fast. My friend Richie had his Rollins Tele Style set up done by it plays rather sweetly.
 Every time these magicains touch my basses it is like having a brand new instrument all over again,only better!
 The Guitar Factory is open 5 days a week,Tues through Sat from 9 am till 5 pm. Light setups and repairs are done on Saturdays only. Get there early as lines do tend to form.

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