Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ollin on the move once again

In 2005, I was approached by Polsih musician and composer Radek Kordasiewicz via e-mail. Having heard som eof my bass and Stick solo pieces,he asked me to embark on a musical journey via file sharing. That project was known as MusicWordArt and consisted of musicians,artists,photographers,and writers from several countries. The transcontinental and multi cultural project fused images,music,and poetry which told short stories. These "artpacks" were available as free downloads from our website and were met with enthusiastic reviews.
 From the fires of MusicWordArt came the desire to create a project that would concentrate on a more progressive darkwave style of music. Thus was born Ollin. Radek recorded some soundscapes on his synths to which I added some 8 string bass played with an E-bow through a distortion pedal with some long delay efx producing an eerie cello like tone. The 1st Ollin single was called "Ocean Wave" and was released on our Myspace page and on Soundclick. Radek and I recorded 2 albums
"Never Forget" and "La Mort en ce Jardin" which expanded upon their ambientesque beginnings to include Janusz Kruszelnicki on saxophone and offered more varied instruments in the form of Native American Flutes,shacuhachi flutes,Chapman Stick,guitars,and a never endless stream of experimental sounds from Radeks ever eclectic pallet.
 In 2007/08 Radek began conceptualizing ideas for a 3rd Ollin release to be entitled "The Opium Trial". But that year the stateside projects that I was involved with,coupled with artistic and personal reasons,I resigned from Ollin. Radke recruited my fellow StickCentric band mate Reed Hayes to record drums and percussion for the forthcoming album and "The Opium Trail" saw release in March of 2010.
 Fast forward to June of 2012 and I receive an e-mail from Radek to stating that he desired to collaborate once again and also to announce that he wished to re-release some of Ollin's early works. Radek informed me that he wished to record one more Ollin composition with myself and Reed. Ollin's "Never Forget" has been re-released and is now available on Soundcloud as a full stream only album. The forthcoming Ollin single is being recorded as this is written and will soon emerge. Keep watching this page as this story unfolds...again.

 "Never Forget" by Ollin full album stream on Soundcloud

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