Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Music Word Art

Multimedia project Music Word Art will once again become active in 2008.We will be employing some new musicians to help Radek achieve his vision.One such musician is Reed Hayes whom some of you may know as former drummer for Quasitone.Quasitone is a unique fusion trio of which Reed and myself,along with founding member Mario Ticklea,were part of in 2004/2006.

In older MWA news....

 The long awaited and highly anticipated project from Music Word Art was released in 2006.This latest collection of artpacks, known as "Mouthless River",marks the 1st time the group has released an "album" instead of individual artpacks.The album features the latest and most artistically diverse lineup:


Gosia Sobanska- lyrics, photo artworks, ideas.

Marta Zbieron- photo artworks.

Szymon Dederko- photo artworks.

Marcin Mierkiewicz- photo artworks.

Juan R Leon- Chapman Stick, basses, flutes.

Mateusz Rozwadowski- guest guitars additions.

Marco Rodi- guest bass additions.

Radek Kordasiewicz- music production, samples, guitars, composition, lyrics, photos, artistic direction

The 9 instrumental tracks scan the musical universe of ambient,new age,techno,fusion,and world with an organic and sometimes gothic feel that is Music Word Art.

I contribute Stick,8 string bass,Shakuhachi, and Native American flutes to the project. Please visit the Music Word Art site for more artpack news and other releases.The "Mouthless River" album can be found by clicking the 1st graphic below.Please note that this is the Polish version of the Music Word Art site.The album is contained under the words "Rzeka Bez Ujścia".Scroll down until you see the following artpack titles:

01. Synowie Nieba

02. Pamiętam Kilka Bajek

03. Awatara

04. Ajysyt

05. Spowiedź

06. Antarktyda

07. Śniąc Sen Snów

08. Twarzą W Twarz

09. Rzeka Bez Ujścia

Each title will have it's own pair of representative graphics immediatley to the left.The left graphic links to the art and poem download.The righ graphic links to the audio file.Click the graphics to download the artpack.

Site logo

The graphic below will direct you to the English version of our site.It contains previous artpack releases.The latest lineup has also released an artpack entitled "The Dance".
You can find the English version of "The Dance"here.

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