Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So what is the deal with Ollin? Ollin is very much alive and well.It has been sometime since our last release but rest assured that the laboratory is brewing up some new elixirs for our fans to try out! Rad has been sending me new and exciting files and I have been preparing myself for recording. The new release will show a side of Ollin that represents a natural progression of our art.Stay tuned!

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"Never Forget" marks Ollin's 1st full length album.Radek had a vision of releasing a collection of music that has us visiting some of our "other" influences. Since both Radek and I have a vast array of musical inspirations,nailing down the "Ollin Sound" can be a bit illusive.
When we 1st got together our music was rather ambient with a bit of minimalism thrown in.This was especially evident in our 1st single "Ocean Wave" which featured Radek's synth work and my bass "soundscapes". People often commented on the difficulty of distinguishing between the synths and the bass.Both Radek and I wanted to create a mood and let the instruments serve the music.

Ollin site

On the "La Mort en ce Jardin" ep,we examined a more beat oriented approach with jazz and new age undertones.There is a more defined pulse in the music and we certainly aimed to create a beat that could easily be enjoyed in the car or at a club.Something to dream to,something to dance to.
And now with the release of "Never Forget" Ollin returns to the ambient/experimental road of our first fruits.I call it "Intrusive Ambient". The sounds created on this release were all created on synths,guitars,drums,saxophones,flutes,basses,and Chapman Stick.Each instrument,with the exception of perhaps the percussion,were pushed to the limits of experimentation.What you would expect to hear a saxophone or bass do is not important.What matters is the final product.What we have created with "Never Forget" is sublime soundtrack to a waking dream.We traverse the universe of our imagination and explain it to you in song...

Please visit our site,download the album,and check out the EP as well....

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