Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Withdrawal from Ollin

Dear fans and supporters of Ollin,

These past 16 months have been a cosmic mix of incredible creativity for Ollin as we saw the release of "La Mort en ce Jardin" ep and the full length "Never Forget". Both were well received by the fans and critics as well.The exceptional production,concept,artwork,packaging and mixing done by Radek for these releases is a thumbprint for future Ollin releases holding a promise of the greatness to surely follow.

So,it is with great sadness that I make the following announcement:

I am withdrawing my talents from Ollin.

In spite of all the great leaps forward in both our friendship and musical collaboration with Radek I have neglected my own personal mission as an artist. When I realized that I had not submitted any tracks,ideas,snippets,etc. for Ollin's upcoming release (in production for over a year now) I had to ask myself "Why?".The simple answer is not so simple when I try to put it in written form. What I do know for certain is that to stay with Ollin at this time would not be fair to Radek and our fans and it is not fair to myself as I try to pursue my own goals as well. If I cannot be a productive contributing member of Ollin then I must let Ollin "be" and find other avenues of expression.

Is this the end of Ollin? Certainly not! Ollin is Radek and myself... but Ollin also just "is" and will continue to be. Radek will continue with new music,new collaborators.Is this the end of my association with Ollin and most importantly, Radek? Of course not. Radek and I are friends and brothers within and without Ollin. That door will always remain open for when the time is right.

So with these thoughts in mind allow me to express my gratitude...

Radek: Thank you for your creative spirit! Your willingness to experiment and explore new musical ideas is a refreshing sip of life! It is a rare thing to find a fellow human with a common beat within their heart. But thank you, most of all, for your friendship.

Marco and Janusz: Thank you for gracing me with the pleasure of sharing our talents! Your musicianship and professional attitude have helped Ollin climb to new heights.

Mariusz: Thank you for your visions. You wonderful paintings added that final touch to the Ollin universe.

The Fans: Gracias! All of your e-mails, comments, and words of encouragement allowed Radek and myself a sigh of relief in knowing that folks really dig our sound and vision.

Mitakuye Oyasin:We Are All Related



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