Friday, April 4, 2008

Ollin's "Ocean Wave" gets the Official Release

Howdy folks!
Although I am not a currently active member of Ollin,I am pleased to announce that Radek has made available to everyone our very 1st single once again."Ocean Wave" marked our 1st ever collaborative efforts as Ollin and served to define our sound and vision.
Originally offered as a limited item with no related art or notes,"Ocean Wave" has now been made available as an "Official Re-release". Radek has done some sonic tweaks here and there,created some great artwok,and added some liner notes revealing his thought on Ollin's 1st ever creation.It is available at the Ollin Myspace page as a free download.Head on over,download the track and related files (in the Ollin blog) and leave us a comment!



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