Friday, March 29, 2013

ERSE Project

 I have been asked by a friend of mine to provide some sound tracks for a project he is heading up involving a haunted theme attraction.Without divulging important key info,let's say that this project will involve fully immersing people in a visual,sensual,and aural environment.
 To that end I have been asked to create an aural soundtrack that strays away from the traditional (and pointless) haunted sound effect tracks that are currently available. Most so called "haunted house effects recordings" involve silly music ala 1950's sci-fi and Tales from the Crypt style compositions along with the obligatory bat squeaks,screams,groans, creepy laughter,creaky doors,etc. What my friend and I are striving for is a soundtrack (for lack of a better term) that invokes a feeling from those who hear it along with the experience of the visual and textile experience of the "show". We talked about sounds that "hit a nerve" and frequencies that put people on edge. The opposite of being at a spa!
 The 1st of these ERSE recordings involved using the sound of high tension springs being processed,layered,and mixed to a point of achieving an other worldly quality that sends chills up the listener's spine. When my friend 1st heard it he face lit up proclaiming "This is EXACTLY what I am talking about!".
Guess he liked it!
The 2nd ERSE became even more involved with sound files from several sources such as field recordings,music boxes,ambient nature and city sounds,and an onslaught of digital effects,equalization,reverse implementation,detuning..etc.
 His jaw dropped.
I am into my 3rd ERSE composition and am having a blast.
I will not be posting any of the files that I create for my friend, but will be creating some for my own use to share right here. Be warned...although they do have a musical quality that skirts an ambient type of ethereal feeling,these are not "songs" per sé, but rather Emotional Response Sound Experiments.
 Stay tuned....

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