Friday, March 22, 2013

Stick®,or more accurately, Stickista®,News

 I have been invited to participate in this years Stickista album being compiled and produced by master Stickista Guillermos Cides.
 Argentine born Guillermo is founder of the Stick Center of Spain.A Stick Enterprises Inc. authorized endeavor launched in 1995 to help promote Stickists from Spanish speaking nations and their music.
 The 1st Stickistsas Compilation Album featured 22 artists from Spanish speaking countries playing a variety of styles and Sticks® (10 string,12 Grand,Stick® Bass).The album featured a composition by Cides and the inventor of the Stick® himself Emmett Chapman.
 This time around Cides is assembling no less than 40 (yes..that's 40) Stickistas from around the globe to participate in the second compilation installment. The album will be released on i-Tunes in its popular LP i-Tunes format complete with art,music links,images,and artists profiles.
 Proceeds,via i-Tunes and as an option click,will benefit the Caritas International.
 I have submitted 2 of my own compositions along with a tune written and recorded with fellow Stickist Jeremy Birdsall and drummer Reed Hayes collectively known as StickCentric. Which song ends up on the compilation is entirely up to Mr. Cides.
 Stay tuned for more info as this exciting project comes to fruition.

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