Monday, June 17, 2013

New music underway..

 I have spent the weekend recording some new music with Latin musician Renaldo Ñeco Peña. With 8 hours of tracking behind us,Ñeco's new single "Wonder" looks to be an awesome track. Featuring catchy English/Spanish hooks,a reggaeesque beat with a Latin flare,and tight percussion that will get you moving,the tune is new musical ground for Ñeco,whom usually works in the pop-rock genre. O guitar was Richard Rosario..a long time collaborator of Ñeco,and on drums and latin percussion is Levi Soto. I provided bass and backing vocals. Release dates wil be announced keep an eye out and an ear open!

  Also just received updated tracks for Ollin's upcoming release "Up and Away" which will be out very soon. The new track features founding Ollin member Radek Kordasiewicz on synths,composition,and production,Reed Hayes on drums,Bill Forth on guitar,and myself on ambient 6 string bass soundscapes.
 It's an amazing track which combines the best of the Ollin sound throughout it's history as a project that has progressed and evolved into one of the most exciting musical endeavors that I have been involved with.Ambient,dark,progressive,and ever experimental,Ollin is a project started by Radek and myself in 2005 as an offshoot of MusicWordArt. Here's more about Ollin taken from our Soundcloud page..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  The History of Ollin begins in late 2005 when Radek Kordasiewicz (Poland) and Juan R Leon (United States) started a file-sharing collaboration. Aiming to explore ambient and progressive rock, the band soon released its first track online, entitled Ocean Wave. In the meantime, Juan came up with an idea for the name of the project: Ollin means "movement" in Aztec.

After releasing The Ocean Wave, the pair went on to record their first full-length album titled Never Forget and released on March 23, 2007 with the guest appereance of saxophonist, Janusz Kruszelnicki (Poland).

Shortly after the release of Never Forget Radek started to write down ideas for Ollin's second album, The Opium Trail. The initial demo recordings were made in summer 2007 with Juan's work expected to follow in the winter of 2007/08. Before any new file sharing or recordings were made, Juan decided to resign from Ollin due to both personal and artistic reasons. After that a new line-up was formed. Reed Hayes (United States), a drummer and long-time friend and collaborator of Juan, replaced the former American member. The plan was also to include spoken word for The Opium Trail and Troy Southgate, a vocalist from England who was already active with H.E.R.R. and Seelenlicht, took on the role. Later on the process the band was joined by Bill Forth, known for his latest solo work. The album was released on March 22, 2010.                                                     
 Juan once again rejoins Ollin for their third full lengthsalbum,titled Up And Away, which is scheduled for a mid 2013 release. It will contain previously unreleased and rare recordings as well as a new, title track featuring Radek,Reed,Bill,and Juan.

 Watch this blog for release dates!!!!

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