Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Stickistas i-Tunes LP is released!!!

 My band, Stickcentric, is part of a amazing new Stick album produced by Guillermo Cides.The album is a compilation of Stick music from Hispanic/Latin/Chicano Stickists from around the world. This 40 song i-Tunes LP is available now via the Stickistas site. 

You will need Apple i-Tunes to listen to and experience the enhanced features available in the iTunes LP format

 Although the song "I Don't Know What Happened" is listed under the artist as Juan Leõn on the LP, it is a collaborative effort by StickCentric recorded over a year ago by Jeremy Birdsall (12 string Grand Stick), Reed Hayes (drums,percussion),and myself (10 String Stick). The version found on this compilation has never been released and was edited by Guillermo and originally mixed by Jeff Knauff at The Parsonage Studios in Gibsonton,FL.

 The album is available for a limited time and is 100% free although a donation to help benefit Amnesty International and Caritas Internacional is greatly appreciated and an option to donate will be available when you visit the download page.


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