Friday, June 5, 2015

The latest

 My band, Jupiter Groove, will be playing playing a late show at The West End Trading Co in Sanford FL on Sat June 13.

 We'll be at Will's Pub in Orlando FL with the Dave LaRue Band. We're really excited about this show! And we may be adding a second show in Tampa....still working on it.

 Camden Cruz, guitarist for the power metal band Seven Kingdoms, has asked us to play at this year's Deland Rock and Metal Festival in Nov.

 A hearty thank you to the good folks at S.I.T. Strings for a wonderful box of custom gauge strings for my basses. Love the sound and feel..and they do simply stay in tune no matter what!

 Also wanna thank Matt and Christine at STRATosphere Parts for the wonderful '75 reissue Jazz Bass neck for my ailing MIM Jazz Bass which developed a non repairable crack at the necks skunk stripe. I took my bass in to Bill at Guitar Factory for a once over and to check on the neck's fitment.No problems at plays and feels great. Most importantly, it intones perfectly.

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