Saturday, January 13, 2024

Wrapping up the year

Every year since 2012 Melodic Revolution Records have released a series of various artist's compilation albums.

The Twelfth Edition, simply titled “A Year In The Revolution 2023”,
gathers an impressive assembly of veteran and new artists.

"The new album is the most comprehensive and diverse compilation we have released in years featuring a staggering 30 artists and tracks clocking in at over 2.5 hours of genre-bending ear candy and “music you didn’t know you would love”."

“A Year In The Revolution 2023” features music by bands and solo artists from both Melodic Revolution and PeacockSunrise Records released in 2023.

"…we feel this may be our best and most diverse annual sampler to date, but we let you be the judge."

Stanislav and the Lion are thrilled and honored to be part of this amazing release!

You can download your copy of "A Year In The Revolution 2023" by clicking the image below.

It's "name your price" for a limited time.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Melodic Revolution Records Signs S&TL


One of my favorite things to do as a musician/artist is to collaborate with a wide variety of people. It helps to open up the mind and spirit to new and exciting avenues that otherwise would have remained hidden when travelling alone.

 During the height of the pandemic I was afforded the luxury of staying home and being financially kept to do so by my employer. A most fortunate scenario that proved to myself, and others, that their are still some decent companies/enterprises left. It was in these times that I began a new project with fellow artist/friend Corey Stano. Corey is a gifted and talented artist, poet, and activist. She and I would spend many a lunch hour discussing all manner of topics ranging from social events to film, music, literature, and history. She is a kindred spirit and quirky. Perfect combo. 

 That project has come to be known as Stanislav & The Lion and as one critic would come to call it "ambient cinematic prog infused with spoken word". An apt moniker which sits well with me. Initially we released our music as independent artists, but fortune favors the brave (or strange, in our case) and we have now been signed to Melodic Revolution Records.

 We will be remastering and re-releasing our music on CD as well as streaming and download platforms. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

One chapter ends, another begins

 I have come to the decision that my time with Jupiter Groove has come to an end. For the past 15 odd years, we have created some great musical moments both live and in the studio. We have played with amazing local acts and renowned international acts. We have toured the seas and shared the stage with such top shelf acts like Animals As Leaders, King’s X, Devin Townsend, Scale The Summitt, Tony McAlpine, Thank You Scientist, Haken, Anathema, Felix Martin, Pain Of Salvation, Travis Larson Band, Magic Elf, Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, and many more. 

The reasons for my departure are personal.

 I would like to thank, and that with the most generous of hearts, our fans. Those who have been die hard followers from the beginning. 

The local bands whom we played with..those that immediately come to mind are Decoy Beat whom we shared the stage with many a time and so long ago. Auditory Armory..for whom my gratitude can not be expressed to in its fullest context. You guys have been waving our banner for a long time. April and Justice, you two are precious to me. To our West Coast compatriots in the Travis Larson Band. I enjoyed sharing the stage with you all every time you came to the East Coast. Your tremendous talent was a hard act to follow or precede! Thank you for having us. The Dave LaRue Band..we blew up many a venue! No more notes were ever played than on a night our bands hit the stage! 

To the local promoters who booked us at all high risk! Ben Gardner, Clint Pinder and Camden Cruz, you always took a chance with us and I appreciate it! It is hard being an instrumental band. Harder being a rock band doing so. I would venture to say that jazz bands have had a better gigging legacy in the Central Florida area than us or any band like us. 

To Jeff Knauff who recorded us at The Parsonage in Gibsonton and to Sean Shannon for mixing our album. 

To Jess O’ Donnel, merch monger mercenary!!! Your smile and enthusiasm made me feel like a rock star! 

To Prog Palace Radio and WJRR for playing our stuff. 

To Shaver. Our biggest fan without a question. You waved the flag higher and wilder than anyone else. Thank you for the should see what I did with it! Rest my friend. 

To the venues who would have us… 

The Haven/Conduit 

Shovelhead Lounge 

Will’s Pub 

The Abby 

The Plaza (Shut Up and Play 2013) 

The Bank of Blues 

West End 

Rabbit Ear Records 

Deland City Limits 

Stranded Sailor Pub 

Jacksonville Original Music Festival 


Daytona Beach Main Street Music Festival 


Rock Bar 

Holly and Dolly’s 

The Orpheum (Ybor City) 

Progressive Nation at Sea 2014 (Thank u Mike Portnoy!!!) 


There are too many to remember… 

Of course, to my bandmates Ralph and Dan. I hope that you both will continue your musical journeys and remain artistically active. 

Our original drummer, Marty. 

And last, but certainly not least in any way, shape, or form imaginable, my best friend and wife Chris. You have been my biggest fan, my manager, and my shelter when it rains the hardest. You have been on every musical adventure that I dare to embark on and have always guided me in my decisions but never impeded them in any way. Thank you for being part of this chapter in my, our, musical journey. I love you and rarely deserve you.

 It was a great and wild ride.


``Music is not a young man’s game, it is the impassioned man's sport. ``

Sunday, March 19, 2023

New dReaMSoaKeR music!!!

H I V E is an album of ambient dark-wave in 3 movements clocking in at over 75 minutes. Composed entirely on synthesizers, H I V E is a continuation of my explorations into ambient and experimental music.


Saturday, October 22, 2022

New releases from Stanislav & The Lion

 Corey Stano and myself working on another collection of spoken word and music compositions to be released over the next few months. This collection is our 2nd body of work and is entitled "Arias For Dreaming".

 The 1st release, "Plague Lullaby" is now available for purchase and streaming.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Que Pasa?

 What's happenin' indeed....

Got some news and that news is..I can't tell you yet!

But I'm excited and I hope you will be to when I can share finally share it with everyone.

In other other news..

Been releasing more of my own music which you can listen to and purchase from my Bandcamp page.

Here's a taste...

Friday, May 20, 2022

Ταξιδέψτε καλά

  One of my musical heroes, master musician and composer, passed on this Thurs, May 19, 2022.

Evángelos Odysséas Papathanassíou, known professionally and to the world as Vangelis, was an immense force in the music world. Known for his amazing talent at combining classical piano and electronic instruments into time-spanning works of aural art, he created some of the world's most memorable, and haunting, musical pieces. He captivated movie going audiences with his Academy award winning synth based compositions for "Chariot's of Fire", "Missing", "The Bounty", "1492:Conquest Of Paradise", "Alexander", and "Blade Runner", Ridley Scott's brilliant interpretation of Phillip K Dick's "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".

 It was with "Blade Runner" that I became an overnight fan. Sure, "Chariot's of Fire-Titles" was a big hit..went to number 1 on the Billboard Charts in the U.S, was used at the 1984 Winter Olympics. I even attempted a solo version for bass guitar at one time but only got as far as a few bars of the intro. Needless to say that it was an inspirational tune. But when I 1st saw "Blade Runner" on the big screen it was more than just an inspirational tune that drew me into Scott's dystopian, future Los Angeles of 2019, it was Vangelis's soundtrack that really cemented the experience for me. The movie is a dark, brooding, film noir vision that is at once proto-science fiction and cryptic spiritualism. Visual artist Syd Mead sets the tone with an edgy and depressing landscapes, the grime and grit, pollution and poverty, the blurred lines of cultural and technological heritage. Vangelis ignites the air with an equally brooding, yet less gritty, sound track that is as much part of the story as the story itself. I got lost in all the visual, aural, and spiritual milieu of the experience. I was immediately hooked on the film and Vangelis played no small part in that.

 In my own journey of musicianship, sound sculpting and manipulations, I have ever found a deep connection to Vangelis. His music, be it the cyber-punk, shoe gum "Blade Runner" soundtrack or the ethno-centric and ambient-like "1492: Conquest of Paradise", has always been able to shift in me a gear that needed tending to. A need that commands examination. As a musician, I am often faulted with a great disparity of being most critical of myself. I am not exclusive in this, of course, as most artists will attest. But to each their own journey and I have a great many "litmus tests" to which I submit my conscience and works to. When I am exposed to such great artistry as with that of Vangelis, I am both inspired to move forward and to sit still, and listen.

Taxidépste kalá

Saturday, November 20, 2021

More new music by Stanislav and The Lion now available

 Corey Stano, the "voice" of Stanislav and The Lion, has penned two new passages of wonderful storytelling prose. I received both her penned pieces and vocal recordings earlier this month and have now found time to compose fitting musical landscapes which, I hope, serve to accentuate her haunting and beautiful words.

 I have chosen to compose a more ambient feel for both pieces, sans Stick or bass, utilizing synths, keeping to less intrusive atmosphere in hopes of lending an eerie quality to Corey's poems. 

 "Verdum" invokes a serenely haunted landscape as Corey weaves her words into a tapestry dotted with the pain and despair of a soldier caught in the throes of World War 1 while a frightened yet emboldened "child" finds her strength in "What Big Teeth You Have". 

Monday, November 8, 2021


Back in Febuary of 2003, I wrote a letter to Stick Enterprises...

  'I was in the lobby of a large motel somewhere in Southern California. The hotel had lost our reservations and we needed a place for our youth group to stay. Everything in town was booked! The hotel manager apologized for the mix up and offered to let us stay in the lobby area. The hotel would provide cots and sleeping bags. They would even treat us to breakfast! I discussed it with some of the other chaperones and we agreed that it was a good idea. Besides, where else could we go? As the kids bedded down for the night, I was approached by one of the teen boys. He had a strange looking instrument in his hands. As he handed it to me he said: "Juan, you're a bass player, right? Can you tune this for me?" I took the instrument from his hands and studied it in amazement. I had never seen anything like it. Ever. I held it close to my body and started to tune it up as I felt the notes vibrate through my chest. To my amazement, I found that not only did I know how to tune this beautiful instrument, but I knew how to play it as well! I was immersed in the beauty of the experience. 

Then I awoke...

 A few days later, I was watching Peter Gabriel's video "Secret World" and was glued to the image of Tony Levin playing the instrument I dreamed about. True story. I am a Mexican of Yaqui Indian blood. Visions can be very powerful? My wife and I have agreed that I should get a Stick this year. Could you put me on your waiting list for a used Stick? A 10 or 12 will do. I am not too picky as to the wood. I just want to hold one in my hands!' 

 As it turned out, I ended up buying a 10 string polycarbonate Stick® from a gentleman named Mark who was located in NY. We worked out a price and a few days later I received my long awaited Stick in it's original wood case. Adorning the case was a blue Gordian Knot decal. I found out later that the symbol was used by Robert Fripp's League of Crafty Guitarists. Apperantly, the original owner, whom name escapes me, was a member of The League and the 1st owner of this particular Stick #2464. I am the 3rd owner. I found this out when I called Stick Enterprises to order my 1st set of strings and a soft case. Yuta Chapman, Emmett's wife, answered the phone. She asked for my Stick's serial number and then put Emmett on the phone. After polite introductions and pleasantries were exchanged, he began to give me a history of my Stick, offer up tuning and gauge suggestions, setup tips, and a hearty "Welcome to the family".

 And so began my amazing journey on this amazing instrument. All thanks to the incredible vision that Emmett had back in 1969. Over the next few years, I would converse with Emmett via emails and phone calls. He was always interested in what I was doing with the Stick. Talks about solo shows at art museums turned into discussions about turning metal sculptures into "sympathetic resonant art" that would respond to the different notes played on the Stick much like the sympathetic strings on a sitar. How the audience would be encouraged to "play" the sculptures and become part of the experience on a participatory creative level and not just as a consumer. He encouraged me when I started my podcast, "Strada-Sphere Radio: Stick Music and Nuthn' But!". A podcast in both English and Spanish that I hosted alongside Shane Carey who stepped in and took over when I was having technical issues with my recording rig. Music from all over the globe arrived in my inbox, both virtually and in physical form. We had a good run. But alas, life in all its unexpected turns put the podcast on hiatus...for now.

 There was the time when Emmett, Yuta, and Dan Chapman (Emmett;s brother, filmmaker, multimedia artist and damn fine harmonica player) scrambled to send out CDs, books, pamphlets, posters, etc for my friend and fellow Stickist Jeremy Birdsall and myself to use for our presentation during the Guitar! The Instrument That Changed The World exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. This multi-media, traveling exhibit was put together by The National Guitar Museum. Jeremy and myself, along with drummer Reed Hayes, gave a one hour presentation that included the 10 string Stick, the 12 string Grand Stick, and the NS Stick. The audience was treated to an exclusive sneak peek of Dan Chapman's personal labor of love, the documentary "Emmett". The Chapmans were ever the gracious souls in constant contact with us and just as excited as we were.

 Emmett was not your average entrepreneur. He was a musician/artist 1st and foremost. He challenged himself on every level in that sense. Not satisfied with convention, he ventured into playing techniques that would eventually require an instrument to fully realize that technique. He built his1st prototype in 1969 and by 1974 the 1st Stick was delivered to a customer. Since then Stick Enterprises has produced several different models (8 so far) in various tunings. Thousands of recording in every genre and across the globe have featured the unique sound of The Stick. 

 He was a visionary and accidental revolutionary. He is one of only 3 inventors who created a wholly new musical instrument that truly changed the course of music (Adolph Sax with the saxophone and Bartolomeo Cristofori and his 'amazing loud and soft machine', the pianoforte.). That is no small feat.

 Emmett changed a great many things in the landscape of the musical world. But his most profound contribution to those of us whom took to his inventive playing style and his creation was his generosity. He gave of himself whenever he could. Be it in a phone call, an e-mail, a good conversation, a jam session, or a heart felt "thank you". He was genuine all the way. 

 In 2006 I added an NS Stick to my collection..and again my life changed.

 Thank you Emmett for sharing your vision, your gifts, and yourself. My approach to music has forever been changed. I am challenged daily and gladly by your gift to us all. But I was affected the most by your friendship.

 Rest In Harmony.

Friday, October 22, 2021

New site, new music

 Recently I had the misfortune of being a victim of cyber hi-jacking. My personal Facebook acct was taken over by someone whom has nothing better to do than try to impress their friends with their computer skills. As a result, my page was deleted and subsequently the music pages tied to it. One by one the hacker slowly changed title info and eventually deleted the pages entirely. So, I am starting all over again. If you care to follow me on social media, here are the new pages: 


 So, on with some better news... New Music!!!!


 Additionally, I am in the process of redesigning my look for big changes coming soon!

Friday, July 2, 2021

New Music!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

FREE song download

I am offering "O' Seraphim! Rejoice!" as a FREE download in appreciation to those of you who pass this way. 
 On Christmas morning, while my wife slept, I awoke at 4:00 A.M. with no plans on creating any music. But alas, as it is with the impulsive and artistic types, I spent the better part of the morn comp0ing and recording.
 Merry Christmas.

Please visit my Music Store and consider purchasing additional music..It goes to my coffee and gear fund and would certainly be most appreciatiated!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Risk is the Reward

  I do not suppose to exalt myself as some kind of wandering hermit searching for muse and set upon revolution, whether it is within myself or others.

 Fact is, I find my musical jaunt to be lax and casual when I am presented with form, constraints, and perimeters.Which has been a source of frustration to those whom crawl into bed with me, musically speaking.

 But when left to my own erratic and chaotic devices I tend to flourish. It would seem that in this sense I only serve my self and not my art. But what is art if not a reflection of the truest self?

 I am noted for being a Stickist, bassist..and sometimes a Native American flutist. I feel at home being a creative human. Be it the aural eschewing of a never still mind, the fluid stream of images conveyed by the written word, or the tinting of canvas with an assortment of mediums, I only feel restful when I am unchained. To me the true language of any art lies in improvisation. Exploratory and glorious in all its self serving platitudes, dangerous in its mysterious and often shocking unfolding. Like holding an arial up high in a thunderstorm whilst perched upon a high precipice. I dwell in the security of its purity, in the uncertain.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Another E.R.S.E. offering..

 In the early pre-dawn hours encapsulated by the deprivation of sleep, an intrusive ambient composition emerges.

 A departure from the customary non-instrumentation of the typical E.R.S.E. recordings, I found myself having a bit of respite from the ravages of insomnia whilst using my various tablets as controllers for my DAWs synth patches. 5 hours on and I offer you "The Affection Of The Elements".

Thursday, July 2, 2020

More music by Stanislav and The Lion

 Corey Stano and I have completed another track this very week. Penned by Corey, "Nightshade's Blade" finds a well suited home on our evolving album "Myths Retold and Other Lies to Tell Your Children" available on Bandcamp,


Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Dire Hectors

Improvised music has been at the center of my creative algorithm. It is the language which has no written heritage, no cardinal pull, no gestation period, no destination. It is the language of passion. Pure and oft times chaotic, it has been my preferred and most honest form of communication. It is said that the Devil finds work for idle hands. The implication here is that the product is of a lascivious and otherwise criminal nature. But I find that holds true for those of a certain ilk, predetermined by moral fibre (or better yet, lack thereof) and a disregard for constructive behavior. In our quarantine of late, state ordered or self imposed, my musical brother and fellow band mate Ralph Gray and myself managed to chisel away at the stone that is idle time. We found our way to Ralph's practice room (which had been forged by the same isolated hours that had turned many a person into the most prestigious of banana bread artisans) and managed to converse in the language of improv. Like paranormal investigators hoping to capture that gem of an EVP or the proverbial shadow person, we plugged into the board and let the hard-disk spin. And in the final hours of our conversing, just as we were ready to call it a day, we caught that voice. The sound of communication. The power to convey, without words, in a language we can all easily understand.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Give to a cause..get music

 I had recently asked my wonderful friend Corey Phyllis if she would be interested in reading a short story I had written to which I would add music to. I have always loved her voice as it has a tonality which I feel has musical qualities about it. She was more than happy to indulge my request.
 Over the past few years Corey and I have had many a conversation ranging from topics such as spirituality, social commentary, indigenous issues, music, literature, economics, and general banter of a much more pedestrian, but no less passionate, resonance. She's even been detained, as it were, while protesting in D.C. You can say that she is a warrior with a more noble cause than mere war.
 For this musical endeavor we call ourselves "Stanislav and The Lion" and the single is available at my music store which is linked below. The story, or parable, which Corey so beautifully recites, concerns itself with the imbalance of humanity towards itself in the microcosmic sense which in turn contributes to the overall disparity of the natural world. The proceeds from the sale of "The Rhino and the Oxpecker: Un Moderne Parable" will go to the National Indigenous Woman's Resource Center. The NIWRC is "Dedicated to Restoring Sovereignty and Safeguarding Native Women and Children".
  When purchasing the song you will be given the opportunity to pay more than the base price of $1.00 if you so wish. All proceeds to benefit the NIWRC.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Evolving Album

  My latest release, "Articulo No. 5" is an ever growing, or "evolving" album of mostly new (with occasional lost/found) music. Material that just doesn't fit into a particular album's scope, or concept, if you will, can find a home on "Articulo No. 5". The album's price will reflect the track listing's content and as such will increase as songs are added. However, each track will be available for individual purchase.
 The idea for this ever expanding album is simple: I am impulsive and will occasionally walk into my studio with the intent on laying down an idea before it slips into the ether never to be heard again. What starts off as a simple one or two line idea will snowball and before long the acorn sprouts, roots, and grows.
 This will also allow me to separate my solo concepts from my collaborative ones such as I enjoy with my band Jupiter Groove and my narrative story/musical pairings of Stanislav and The Lion.

Friday, January 10, 2020

A Farewell to...

 My son and I shared tears today. Each one of us in his own way, miles apart but united in sadness and shock. Neil Peart, drummer, lyricist, author, and all around great human being has left us.
  I am a bassist whom started out as a drummer and living in a small desert town in Southern Cali. I never owned a drum set, let alone a single drum. I had the good fortune of having a great friend who would loan me his drums. I played in high school marching band and occasionally sat in with my friends Al and Andrew for school recitals and I once subbed for my friend Michael on a country gig at Silly Al's Pizza in Ehrenberg, AZ. Mike and I would obsess over Neil's solo on Rush's "All The World's A Stage" and "Exit Stage... Left". We were amazed by Neil's chops, precision, odd meter, and crazy percussion which he often incorporated into pretty damn well everything. I recall playing these solos for our band director, Mr Spooney" whom looked at us and remarked "That's no drummer, that's a percussionist!". Those solos are orchestrated journeys. Well crafted, thoughtful, and fucken amazing. I was influenced by Neil's writing and took to heart his disdain for lyrics and poetry that "rhymed for the sake of rhyming". I took that same credo with much aplomb as I began crafting my own lyrics and poetry. I still do and with every stroke of the pen (or key) I am forever conscience of Neil's influence on my own prose. When Neil put together the "Burning for Buddy" project I flipped. Here was one of my heroes paying tribute to one of his heroes, Buddy Rich, who happened to be another of my heroes. To hear Neil, and other amazing drummers, play music that most of them were not known for was a special treat. Those are some of my favorite albums of all time. Rush was, is, my biggest musical love. I was there with every morphing, through the straight rock era, prog era, keyboard heavy era, and back to the guitar based rock that 1st had Cleveland radio station WMMS  listen and take notice back in 1974. I bought two Rickenbackers and 6 Jazz Basses because of Rush..looking for that crunchy tone. I love drummers, especially those whom explore the whole of percussion as a vehicle to convey a sonic story. To craft and execute a symposium composed of "syncopated swing". Neil did just that..and with virtuosity in spades. He made a proficient air drummer out of every Rush fan. Every steering wheel became a Tama drum set whenever "Tom Sawyer" blasted out of the after market Pioneer 6 x 9s in Camaros and Datsuns across the land. He is one of the greatest and most influential drummers of my lifetime, of anyone's lifetime. He is in my Holy Trinity of Trappistas along with Buddy Rich and Dave Weckl. When Rush called it quits in 2015 it galvanized a universe of fans and musicians. I didn't want it to way. No one did. I got to see Rush on their final was a magical experience. It was special in a way that no other Rush tour had been. There was something in the air..the cosmos..the whole of "musicdom" bristled with the borrow from Mr. Peart himself. Our clown princes of nerdy rock took a final bow and said "Thank you". We all knew that it was real, and final. 
 We have lost one of the most gifted musicians of this century. An influential drummer, lyricist, poet, author, and wonderful soul. I am saddened. This is my youth, my molding as a musician, my passion as a fan. It is a stark reminder, and that with the sharpest of blades, that "we are only immortal for a limited time". 
 Rest well, Professor. Thank you for enriching my life with your talents. For sharing with us the fruits of your undying labor. For allowing us to take part in your great Ghost Ride, and for being part of the soundtrack of my existence.
 I bid Farewell to a Rhythm King.