Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Evolving Album

  My latest release, "Articulo No. 5" is an ever growing, or "evolving" album of mostly new (with occasional lost/found) music. Material that just doesn't fit into a particular album's scope, or concept, if you will, can find a home on "Articulo No. 5". The album's price will reflect the track listing's content and as such will increase as songs are added. However, each track will be available for individual purchase.
 The idea for this ever expanding album is simple: I am impulsive and will occasionally walk into my studio with the intent on laying down an idea before it slips into the ether never to be heard again. What starts off as a simple one or two line idea will snowball and before long the acorn sprouts, roots, and grows.
 This will also allow me to separate my solo concepts from my collaborative ones such as I enjoy with my band Jupiter Groove and my narrative story/musical pairings of Stanislav and The Lion.

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