Friday, May 8, 2020

Give to a cause..get music

 I had recently asked my wonderful friend Corey Phyllis if she would be interested in reading a short story I had written to which I would add music to. I have always loved her voice as it has a tonality which I feel has musical qualities about it. She was more than happy to indulge my request.
 Over the past few years Corey and I have had many a conversation ranging from topics such as spirituality, social commentary, indigenous issues, music, literature, economics, and general banter of a much more pedestrian, but no less passionate, resonance. She's even been detained, as it were, while protesting in D.C. You can say that she is a warrior with a more noble cause than mere war.
 For this musical endeavor we call ourselves "Stanislav and The Lion" and the single is available at my music store which is linked below. The story, or parable, which Corey so beautifully recites, concerns itself with the imbalance of humanity towards itself in the microcosmic sense which in turn contributes to the overall disparity of the natural world. The proceeds from the sale of "The Rhino and the Oxpecker: Un Moderne Parable" will go to the National Indigenous Woman's Resource Center. The NIWRC is "Dedicated to Restoring Sovereignty and Safeguarding Native Women and Children".
  When purchasing the song you will be given the opportunity to pay more than the base price of $1.00 if you so wish. All proceeds to benefit the NIWRC.

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