Saturday, November 20, 2021

More new music by Stanislav and The Lion now available

 Corey Stano, the "voice" of Stanislav and The Lion, has penned two new passages of wonderful storytelling prose. I received both her penned pieces and vocal recordings earlier this month and have now found time to compose fitting musical landscapes which, I hope, serve to accentuate her haunting and beautiful words.

 I have chosen to compose a more ambient feel for both pieces, sans Stick or bass, utilizing synths, keeping to less intrusive atmosphere in hopes of lending an eerie quality to Corey's poems. 

 "Verdum" invokes a serenely haunted landscape as Corey weaves her words into a tapestry dotted with the pain and despair of a soldier caught in the throes of World War 1 while a frightened yet emboldened "child" finds her strength in "What Big Teeth You Have". 

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